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Noronha: informações em Português.


«Fernando de Noronha

Em Português: praias de Noronha.

Update, January 2009: every year, polls made by specialized magazines and sites elect the best beaches in Brazil, and every year some of the beaches of Noronha are there, at the top.
In 2009, the poll by site ViajeAqui (which puts online content published by respected magazines such as Guia Quatro Rodas - the Brazilian Michelin Guide - and National Geographic) came out with a somewhat surprising results: among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil: the top three are in Noronha. The most beautiful is Praia do Sancho, followed by Praia dos Porcos and then by Praia do Leão (see more comments above the beaches below).

Beaches of Noronha are divided in two sectors: Inside Sea (Mar de Dentro) and Outside Sea (Mar de Fora).

The Inside Sea is the one towards the coast of Brazil.
Here, there are ten beaches and two bays, one of which very special where access is restricted: the Dolphin Bay.
The sea is calm during most of the year, protected from the Eastern winds, allowing the access from one beach to another in plenty of beauty and adventure tours. When windy season comes (from November to April), the waves grow and the Inside Sea becomes a meeting point for surfing.

The Outside sea is the one towards Africa.
This side has four beaches, one creek, two areas for contemplation and a set of swimming pools on the rocks.
A rough sea, in some places a little bit calmed by the reefs, which hold the waves between the stones. Water spouts, very large areas crowded with coloured fishes, like enormous aquariums.

beaches of Noronha
Map of the Beaches of Noronha. Created by the Government of Fernando de Noronha.

Besides, more information about the beaches of Noronha. The listing starts at Praia do Leão and moves counterclockwise. Names in blue (linked) are in Portuguese, followed by the translation to English.

1. Praia do Leão. Lion's Beach.
2. Ponta das Caracas. Caracas Point.
3. Baía Sueste. Southeast Bay.
4. Praia de Atalaia. Atalaia Beach.
5. Enseada de Caeira. Caeira Creek.
6. Buraco da Raquel. Rachel's Hole.
7. Ponta da Air France. Air France Point.
8. Baía e Porto de Santo Antônio. Santo Antônio Bay and Harbour.
9. Praia da Biboca. Biboca Beach.
10. Praia do Cachorro. Dog's Beach.
11. Praia do Meio. Middle Beach.
12. Praia da Conceição ou Italcable. Conceição or Italcable Beach.
13. Praia do Boldró. Boldró Beach.
14. Praia do Americano. American's Beach.
15. Praia do Bode. Goat's Beach.
16. Praia de Quixabinha. Quixabinha Beach.
17. Praia da Cacimba do Padre. Priest's Fountain Beach.
18. Baía dos Porcos. Pigs' Bay.
19. Baía do Sancho. Sancho Bay.
20. Baía dos Golfinhos ou Enseada Carreiro de Pedra. Golfinhos Bay or Carreiro de Pedra Creek.
21. Ponta da Sapata. Sapata Point.

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