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Praia do Sancho

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Several sites and magazines have elected Praia do Sancho as the most beautiful beach in Brazil; see here(in English) and also this list of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil, where the top three winners are Praia do Sancho, Baia dos Porcos and Praia do Leão.

With clear water and sand ground, this bay is one of the few in which it's allowed to stop boats for bathing purposes without damaging the corals.

Isolated, bordered by a steep cliff, natural belvedere which can be reached through three "routes": on boats, by sea; by ladders fixed in a rock split, from where you can see the sea, and complemented by stairs carved in the stones; or scaling rocks from the neighbour Porcos Beach.

Any of the access modes is a delightful adventurous.

Covered by vegetation and stuffed with fowl nests, this bay is situated in the Reserve area and therefore is submitted to constant control.

Information in Portuguese: Fernando de Noronha.

If you are coming to watch the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is located next to two of the host cities: Natal and Recife.

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