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«Fernando de Noronha
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«Fernando de Noronha

The Fernando de Noronha archipelago is divided in two conservation units: the National Marine Reserve and the Environmental Protected Area.

Each of these units has its own preservation rules, so as to harmonize use and environmental preservation with the sustainable development.

Noronha shelters the largest
reproductive colony of sea birds
in the South Atlantic
Tropical Ocean Islands

»Fauna. Have a look to the native and to the brought in animal species of the archipelago.
»Flora. The archipelago vegetation consists of mangrove and typical "agreste" (an area in northeast Brazil) species.
»Marine Reserve. A great part of the archipelago is retained for fauna, flora and natural resources protection purposes.
»Environmental Protected Area.The archipelago area reserved for human occupation follows established standards in order to assure its rational use.
»World Heritage. Learn more about this title, granted by the Unesco to Noronha on account of its unique environmental conditions.

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