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Noronha - History and Archaelogy

«Fernando de Noronha
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History and Archaelogy

«Fernando de Noronha

Besides the beaches, the bays and the extremely rich nature, Noronha also offer other surprises for the tourists.
There are 500 years of history, which transform the archipelago in a real Historic Patrimony, which deserves to be visited and, over all, preserved.
In this section you can learn a little bit about the history of Fernando de Noronha from its discovery up to today.

»Island History. A Historic Summary of Noronha's 500 years and a chronological list of the main events per Historic Periods.
» » See also a History Timeline of Noronha.

»Cultural Heritage. Learn more about Noronha's urban occupation and constructed patrimony.
» » Folk tales. Stories created by the people of Noronha.

»Archaeological Heritage. The defensive system of the Island was one of the most advanced of its time. Today the remainders of the fortifications are considered archaeological sites. Have a look here.

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