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Given the scarcity of land and natural resources in Noronha, the number of hotels is also limited.
You will be reminded to save resources such as water and energy.
Most of the places are "pousadas", hotels with limited structure (e.g., no swimming pool, no laundry, possibly not air conditioner).

Many packages leaving from Natal and Recife (the cheaper ones) don't even inform which hotel you are going to stay; often, the package informs only the category of the accommodation (simple, medium or luxury), and tourists only get to see the actual hotel after arrival in the island.
If you want to stay in an specific hotel, make sure you have a reservation - independent from travel agencies.

Prices in the archipelago of Noronha are higher than in the continent, particularly for the more upscale hotels.

Dolphins rating

In order to give better directions to the tourists and to improve the levels of service and structure of lodging in Noronha, the Administration of Fernando de Noronha, in association with Embratur (the Brazilian Travel Authority), Empetur (the Tourism Office of the State of Pernambuco), Fire Brigade and Sanitary Commission decided to assign rates to the hotels and inns of the island.

Accommodation were rated by dolphins, instead of the traditional stars rating. Ratings go from One Dolphin to Three Dolphins; the highest index a lodging house can reach is "Three Dolphins".

Following is a list of the hotels and inns already classified by the Island Administration and by Embratur. There are other establishments in the island still going through the evaluation process.

»One Dolphin Hotels. Simpler, cheaper accommodation.
»Two Dolphin Hotels. Intermediary accommodation.
»Three Dolphin Hotels. Best hotels in Noronha.

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Em Português: Hoteis e Pousadas em Fernando de Noronha.

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