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Below, list of the cheaper accommodation in Noronha.
Check also this list with the best hotels in Noronha.

Most of these "pousadas" listed below ("pousada" is the Portuguese for inn) used to be residential houses which were converted into small lodging hotels; the names of the pousadas are often a reference to the owner.

Only sites with a website are listed. The listings include name of hotel, location and number of rooms.

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»Pousada Ares de Noronha; Trinta; 4 rooms.
»Pousada Algas Marinhas; Floresta Nova; 5 rooms.
»Pousada das Flores; Trinta; 5 rooms.
»Pousada Alamoa; Floresta Nova; 7 rooms.
»Pousada Netuno; Trinta; 2 rooms.
»Pousada da Fátima; Floresta nova; 4 rooms.

Pousada Floresta e Mar

Photo: Pousada Floresta e Mar.
Inn Forest and Sea.

»Pousada da Mana; Trinta; 3 rooms.
»Pousada Fortaleza; Floresta Nova; 3 rooms.
»Pousada Mar Aberto; Floresta Nova; 3 rooms.
»Pousada Mar Azul; Floresta nova; 3 rooms.
»Pousada Monsieur Rocha; Juquinha; 14 rooms.
»Pousada da Jô; Trinta; 6 rooms.
»Pousada Barcelar; Trinta; 7 rooms.
»Pousada Raio de Sol; Floresta Nova; 2 rooms.
»Pousada Agulhão; Floresta Nova; 4 rooms.
»Pousada Canto do Aconchego; Trinta; 4 rooms.
»Pousada Colina dos Ventos; Trinta; 5 rooms.
»Pousada da Carmô; Floresta Nova; 4 rooms.
»Pousada do Tio João; Floresta Velha; 4 rooms.
»Pousada do Trinta; Trinta; 5 rooms.
»Pousada Floresta e Mar; Floresta Nova; 2 rooms.
»Pousada da Filó; Floresta Velha; 3 rooms.
»Pousada do Romildo; Floresta Velha; 2 rooms.
»Pousada Solymar; Vila dos Remédios; 4 rooms.
»Pousada Topázio; Boldro; 6 rooms.
»Pousada Simpatia da Ilha; Vila dos Remédios; 5 rooms.

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