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Below, the best hotels in Noronha; the cheaper hotels are here, and some intermediary hotels are here.

It is not easy to build an upscale hotel in Noronha.
First, there are the natural limitations. Supplies of water and energy are limited, so is the sewage and wasting collecting systems. Bringing bricks, cement, pipes and other construction stuff to the island is expensive.
Then, there are the legal restrictions. Noronha harbors at once a Marine Reserve, an Environmental Protected Area and a World Heritage Site. Any new building is subjected to strict rules.

Viagem, a reknowned Brazilian travel magazine, elected Pousada do Zé Maria as the best pousada in Brazil in 2008. The owner, Zé Maria, benefited from being there early. This pousada is located probably in the best spot of the island. Zé Maria is nice and hard worker person, which adds to the success of his business.

Pousada Maravilha is the most recent of the list, and probably the one with most comfort itens. Among the owners, Luciano Huck, a famous TV showman, and Pedro Paulo Diniz, ex-Formula One driver. It opened in 2003, after some discussion with the Brazilian Environment Agency (see here).

Early reservation is recommended.

»Pousada Maravilha; Sueste; 8 rooms.
»Pousada Solar dos Ventos; Sueste; 8 chalets.
»Pousada da Morena; Floresta Velha; 2 rooms and 3 chalets.
»Pousada Zé Maria; Floresta Velha; 6 rooms and 12 chalets.

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