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Noronha: informações em Português.

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Below, the intermediary hotels in Noronha; the cheaper hotels are here, and the most expensive ones are here.

Most of these "pousadas" (the Portuguese for inn) used to be residential houses which were converted into small lodging hotels; the names of the pousadas are often a reference to the owner.
Depending on size, location (viewing), investments made by the owner, the pousadas are upgraded from One Dolphin to Two Dolphins rating.

Only sites with a website are listed. The listings include name of hotel, location and number of rooms.

»Beco de Noronha; Floresta Nova; 3 rooms.
»Pousada Solar de Loronha; Floresta Velha; 9 chalets.
»Pousada Sueste; Sueste; 7 rooms.
»Pousada Mar Atlântico; Floresta Nova; 11 rooms.
»Pousada Mabuya; Trinta; 6 rooms.
»Pousada Nascer do Sol; Trinta; 5 rooms.
»Pousada Recanto; Vila dos Remédios; 8 rooms.
»Pousada Aleffawi; Boldro; 6 rooms.
»Pousada Tia Zete; Floresta Velha; 12 rooms.

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