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Anchor tax comprises a harbor fee, paid by ships which don't move any commercial goods, and a tonnage fee, paid in accordance to the weight of goods moved.

Harbor fees are due per day or fraction, and are proportional to the size of the ship:
Up to five meters (16.4 feet): R$ 36,69
Between five and ten meters: R$ 55,04
Longer than ten meters (32.8 feet): R$ 146,77

Tonnage fees are due per ton of goods moved, with a decreasing scale:
Up to 200 tons: R$ 2,77 per ton
Between 200 and 1000 tons: R$ 1,83 per ton
Above 1000 tons: 1,29 per ton

This tax is charged on top of the environment tax.

Check out this page for updated values.

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