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«Fernando de Noronha
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The map below, produced by the Government of Noronha, shows most points of interest in the island.

Notice that:
- the numbers point to important points, such as beaches, churches, forts, etc. located near the shore;
- words in yellow refer to important hills and respective heights (the word in Portuguese for hill is Morro), which may help you plan trekkings;
- words in red refer to villages (where the hotels are located): Vila do Porto (Harbor village), Vila dos Remedios (unofficial capital of Noronha), Floresta Velha (Old Forest), Floresta Nova (New Forest), Boldró, Quixaba, Sueste, Tamar, etc.
- the airport is in the middle of the island; the harbor is in the right hand extreme; a highway (in black) cuts the island from the harbor to the Sueste beach.

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