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Until recently, owning a car in Noronha was a privilege of the Military; since a few years ago, the Administration allowed the rental of buggies and motorcycles.

Most roads in Noronha are unpaved. The exception is BR-363, 7 km long (4,5 miles), which goes from the Harbor to Sueste Beach (the shortest federal highway in Brazil).
The cheapest way to move around is to take the bus which drives along BR-363, with detours to some villages; in 2008, ticket costed R$ 2.85.

However, for reaching some of the best places of Fernando de Noronha, the tourist has two options: to follow the trails by foot or to rent a buggy. As some of the beaches and trails are far away from the main villages, the buggies are an excellent option to visit these places and to discover the beauties of Noronha.

buggy in Noronha

Buggy in Noronha.

A good suggestion would be to use these vehicles during the first days on the island, in order to get familiarized with the "geography" of the Archipelago, to know the main beaches and bays, as well as to follow the historic and ecologic trails.

Below, some of the companies renting cars in Noronha.

At Vila do Trinta:
»Loc Buggy.
»Locadora Novo Tempo.

At Floresta Velha:
»Flor do Atlântico.

At Boldró:
»Locadora Morro do Farol.

Renting a vehicle in Noronha is more expensive than in the rest of Brazil; expect to pay (prices of early 2009) around R$ 200 per day for a buggy.

Remember that there is only one gas station in Noronha, which closes at 7 pm.

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