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The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, to the East of the Brazilian coast. The main island of the archipelago has an airport and a port.

Flying to Noronha

Warning: the information below was written in December of 2008. Notice, however, that the market of air carriers in Brazil has gone through significative changes recently, and may again in the near future (Varig, for example, almost faced bankruptcy, and is still recovering; other companies are trying to take over ex-Varig routes). You are advised to visit the websites of the airliners to check out up to date information.

There are flights connecting Noronha to the cities of Natal (360 km distant) and Recife (540 km distant).
There are no other flights connecting Noronha to the continent; to fly to Noronha, one must go first to either Natal or Recife.
Flights take about one hour; notice that the time in Fernando de Noronha is one hour ahead of Natal and Recife. A flight leaving from Recife at 2pm will arrive in Noronha at 4pm; a flight leaving from Noronha at 5pm will arrive in Recife at 5pm.

fly to Fernando de Noronha Varig has a daily flight from Recife to Noronha, in a Boeing 737. The flight VRG 2346 leaves from Recife at 2pm and arrives in Noronha at 3:55pm; flight 2347 leaves from Noronha at 4:25pm and arrives in Recife at 4:20pm.
The other two major Brazilian air carriers are Gol and TAM; as of December 2008, they didn't operate flights to Noronha, but this may change.

From Recife and Natal, another option is flying with regional airliner Trip; this company flies with a smaller aircraft, ATR (photo at this page).
Schedules. From Recife, the flight leaves Recife at 2:30pm and arrives in Noronha at 5pm; the return trip leaves Noronha at 1:35pm and arrives in Recife at 2pm. From Natal, the flight leaves Natal at 11am and arrives in Noronha at 1:10pm; the return flight leaves Noronha at 5:20pm and arrives in Natal at 5:30pm. Schedules as of December 2008, subject to change.

In December 2006 quoted prices were R$ 988 leaving from Recife and R$ 864 leaving from Natal, for two-way trips; notice that prices may change with promotions, early booking, etc.

All tourists visiting Noronha must pay an Environment tax (usually included in the cost of travel packages).

Arriving in Noronha by sea

Private boats pay an anchor tax to harbor in Noronha.

It is possible to take a short cruise to Noronha in the ship Pacific; to learn about departure dates, schedules and prices, visit this page.
Most of the cruises will stop in Fortaleza, Natal, Noronha and Recife; notice that the ship stays less than two days in Noronha. Price is for All Inclusive Service.

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