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With an agreeable climate over the whole year, the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago is one the most beautiful places in Brazil, and also much sought by surfers from all over the world.

These tourists are attracted not only by the natural beauties, but mainly by the perfect and tubular waves at various points of the island. These waves start to arrive at the inside sea in November and last up to middle of April. Peaks like Cacimba do Padre, Boldró and Abrás are among the most remarkables.

The popular surfing points:

»Cacimba do Padre: the waves break between 2 and 12 feet over a mixed ground (sand/stone).

»Laje da Cacimba (near Cacimba do Padre beach): one of the haviest and long waves, normally one of the best options.

surfing at Cacimba do Padre

Surfing at Cacimba do Padre.
Photo: Hans Von Manteuffel e Ivaldo Bezerra

»Laje do Bode: the tubes of the Bode slab are well known (right and left).

»Boldró: it's another good surfing option in the Archipelago and a flat and sharp coral ground provides normally good tubes to both sides.

»Conceição: some of the best waves of Noronha break at the Conceição beach, mainly at good swells.

»Cachorro: it's another often searched peak by the locals. A right wave at the mount corner is as good as the other waves in the island.

»Biboca: these are almost legendary waves. When the swell is really boosted, Biboca can become a good option.

»Ruro and Abrás: these two waves are treated with reverence by the local surfers. Many histories of perfect days involve both peaks which break a few times along the year. Those who already tumbled assure that these days are unforgettable!

Noronha surfing
Noronha surfing map, scanned from a leaflet distributed by the Administration of Noronha.

Notice that the tides vary often at Noronha. It's essential to pay attention to this, as they affect directly the waves quality. It's recommended to talk with the local people and to be aware of the tide timetable in order not to miss the best day sessions!!!

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